Oil is present in the compressed gases downstream of Oil-Flooded Screw or Lubricated Reciprocating Compressors. In many cases based on the process constraints, this oil must be removed to finite levels. This is possible only by the use of successive stages of coalescing oil separators followed by charcoal adsorbtion. Typically for 10ppbw or less oil carryover limit, three stages of coalescing, followed by a charcoal adsorber is required. Coalescing separators remove the oil droplets; whereas the charcoal adsorbers remove the vapor phase oil. Special low Micron Filters are employed downstream of adsorbers to catch particulates from the charcoal.


  • Oil-free compressed gas is available from versatile Oil-Flooded Screw Compressors or longer life Lubricated Recip. Compressors when an ORS is employed downstream of the compressors.
  • An ORS will permit the use of higher compression ratios per stage of compression when an oil-flooded or lubricated compressor is used instead of a dry or an oil-free compressor.
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